Blow up doll definition: (also called love dolls or sex dolls) are sex toys in the shape of a sexual partner and a masturbation aid. Some sex dolls consist of merely sex organs and others look like full blown people (literally).

Examples of Sex Dolls

The classic frat party Blow Up Doll WITH SHEEP!

Although you could probably use this doll as a plaything, it is a gag gift and clearly not made for sensual lovemaking. You can find these at bachelor and bachelorette parties blown up in the corner. A blow-up sheep is worth giving as a gift for the look on the person’s face alone. Blow up dolls are not hard to blow up, but there does exist a quick way, the blow up doll pump. Back to Top

Sex Dolls with Nice Holes

With the advent of better materials brought to sextoys the blow up doll has been reinvented. Gone are shady latex holes and in are silicone inserts with realistic vaginas and buttholes. These masturbation luxurys one-up masturbatory sleeves with something to grab onto and sometimes finely painted parts. They are easy to clean and are not only more lifelike than 1970s blow up dolls, but more lifelike than some 1970s women. Masturbation with love dolls has only gotten safer, easier and more lifelike. Back to Top

Tabletop Pelvis

A supreme experience of penetration with your hands on the soft supple ass of a pornstar. Only this method is safe, has easy cleanup, and although it may hit your pocketbook hard right away it will not cost you a penny afterwords. Some like the Bree Olsen (shown in missionary style) have suctioncup bases and hold fast to any flat surface. Materials like cyberskin and virtual skin have you grabbing ass like it is the real thing. Oftentimes with integrated vibrators this new style of masturbators take the cake. Now, where to hide it. It is even better than a Bree Olson blow up doll, because it is more durable and more of a realistic comparison. Not only do these table-top units give you a better experience, but they will last longer. Bree Olson has recently been embroiled in a scamlike operation for a sirius radio station shock jock called Bubba the Love Sponge. Here is her reply on her blog: Bree Olson Myspace Blog.
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Realistic Dolls

I do not know whether technology loves sextoys or sextoys love technology, but it is a match made in heaven. The Linn Thomas doll talks to you. Moans with you and shows that the little things make a difference. Sex dolls have gotten realistic to the point that the one driving in your passenger seat letting you drive in the commuter lane may pass as a real person even if you get pulled over. Realistic love dolls have even been featured on the movie 'Lars and the Real Girl' and the HBO special 'Real Sex'.
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Dolls for the Ladies

There is a major technological hurdle to overcome when it comes to sexdolls for ladies. It is thrust. Most of these men dolls for women are for use while laying on the ground and the lay sitting over it cowboy style. While there are many men dolls a sexercise ball or an inflatable stool with dildo seems to work a little more functionally. Also noted that although these dolls may be silkscreen with nice graphics in no way would they look like the dude on the box.

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Old School Dolls

This is the type of thing you think of when someone says blow up doll. Cheap, not much to look at, but functional. Judging by the boxes, these designs have not changed in a while. Back to Top


Branding is an important part of sextoys. There has always been the nice puns, the funny names and actually nice products, but the advent of nice products pushed by pornstars has been a win-win. Jamie Lynn is a centerfold beauty seen in Penthouse Magazine. She was pet of the month in 2005 and then also pet of the year. Back to Top

Fleshlight - Masturbation Sleeves

The original mass-market masturbator is the fleshlight. It looks like a large flashlight (thus its name). It comes in many varieties, but the original is the pink lady. Now that the fleshlight is so famous there is a whole field of these masturbators that come in all sorts of materials and looks. Choose from the cheapest sleeves to high quality materials and realistic vibrating vaginas. Find a huge selection of toys for men at Back to Top

Mythical Doll: Sarah Palin

The Sarah Palin doll, well did it exists? Yes! Can you buy it? No. For a limited time before the 2008 election there was a sex doll that was called 'Not Sarah Palin'. Too bad you can no longer buy the sexy Sarah Palin. We will have to see if the doll makes a comeback in the 2012 election! I sure hope so. In case you are incredibly disappointed to hear there is no longer a Sarah Palin sex doll, there was a parody porn film made. That sounds like fun. A lot more fun that actually hearing the real Sarah Palin speak. Back to Top

Realistic Materials

Materials have evolved along with the types of toys. New technologies using thermoplastic elastomers and mixtures of polyvinyl chloride and silicone. They feel realistic, but are attacked by oil, petroleum and silicon oils. Any toys with these space-age materials shoudl be used with purely water-based lubricants. There have been reports of these new-fangled materials melting under circumstances of heat and also in contact with other oil-based toys and lubricants. Cleaning is easy with warm water (never hot) and liquid anti-bacterial soap. Once dry, apply renewing pwder or cornstarch. Never use talcum powder or baby powder due to irritation and other problems for women.

Types of Materials: Futurotic, Soft Touch, Cyberskin, UR3,NeoSkin, Ultraskin, Fauxskin, and Fleshlight material.

Futurotic - A super-soft material created by Cal Exotics, it is durable and lifelike. Cal Exotics’ director of marketing says that it is an anti-bacterial PVC.

Cyberskin - (
wikipedia, topco website) A material intended to emulate the feel of human skin. Made by Topco sales. The company states that the technology behind CyberSkin is a "new Aerospace 601 computerized injection molding machine, originally designed by NASA engineers...". Also, with the added revolutionary molding process of Dual Density, CyberSkin molded realistic vaginas and pussy can simulate the softness of skin and the rigidity of erectile tissue and/or bone. In manufacturing, the molding machines use computerized injection that enables varying densities of CyberSkin to be strategically placed throughout the product. This means that in a product shaped like a vagina, you can actually feel the softness of vaginal lips and the hardness of pubic bone. And in a penis, you can feel the softness of skin with the rigidity of erectile tissue, creating the most realistic sex accessory.

UR3 - Created by Doc Johnson. It is their 'Ultra Realistic 3' material for masturbators, pelvis toys, and inflatable doll inserts. It is much like cyberskin. It is often used to mold pornstars.

Soft Touch - Another cal exotics material. This is used in masturbators and cheaper toys and dildos. It is known to be harder than Futurotic material.

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Evolution of Love Dolls

In the last 10 years love dolls have evolved to the point of being molded realistic duplications of beautiful women. The original blow up dolls still exist, but they have been augmented with high-grade plugins for the private parts. Silicone, cyberskin and UR3 have changed the game for tabletop masturbators giving us the fleshlight and all of its clones along with suction-cupped table-top devices that provide a more real pelvis for feeling and experience.

Expensive partners have also been produced of pure silicone and weigh as much as an actual human. These high-end dolls are usually ordered custom and can cost in the thousands of dollars and have meta posable skeletons and realistic hair and skin. The sexual revolution in the western world in the 1960s and 1970s has opened the way for these innovating and rather racy products, and changed the world view of sexual libration and privacy. Although sex toys and artful representations of sex have existed as long as humans our views of what is accepted morally and societally has changed drastically. Freudian studies on human behavior brought our motivations down to a unconscious level that may have pushed victorian prudishness away for more open ideas of our erotic wants and desires. Further in our recent past ground-breaking sexologists like Beate Uhse and Dr. Ruth have pioneered respect and openness to provide women and men protections and useful information. No longer do we want to keep everyone in the dark about a very real and pervasive part of our culture and human yearnings. Perhaps also it was due to developments in other forms of erotica like the ever-popular Lady Chatterley’s Lover which was published in 1959 and immediately confiscated in the mail. Only on legal appeal did Grove Press win the rights to distribute the racy book.

Further examination of what has occured in the history only solidfy the need to know more, protect ourselves better, become better partners and have a ton of fun erotically. - R. Lincoln